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Dive #108, #109: The Drum and Drumstick, Echo Point, Jervis Bay, NSW

 Dive 1Dive 2  Dive 1Dive 2
Place:The Drum and DrumstickEcho Point Buddy:Eithne
Weather:Sunny Type:Boat
Max. depth (m):22.518.6 Visibility (m):1510
Time down:10:0111:59 Dive time (mins):4540
Average depth (m):12.811.9 Water temp. (C):18.018.0

Notes: Double boat dive with Dive Jervis Bay based in Huskisson.

Price: $151 for nitrox-filled tanks and weights only.

Diving: Seals! Wisdom: Making a deliberate effort to warm up one’s core after the first dive, might make a huge difference on the second. I pulled down my suit, put on a fleece and stood in the sun as much as possible for the hour-long surface interval, and remained perfectly warm after getting back in the water.

Equipment: Rented steel tank. 18 lb weight. Hood.

Camera notes:

Accumulated time underwater: 3 days, 0 hours and 2 minutes