Dive #117, #118: PADI Deep Course Part 1

 Dive 1Dive 2  Dive 1Dive 2
Place:The Royal ShepherdThe Waterfall Buddy:Eithne
Weather: Type:Boat (Plunge Boat)
Max. depth (m):28.324.7 Visibility (m):102
Time down:09:0510:49 Dive time (mins):4033
Average depth (m):20.116.7 Water temp. (C):17.017.0

Notes: First two dives of the PADI deep course that Simon, Ciara, Eithne and I did as an add-on to our Divemaster course.

Price: Discounted course price (due to being on DM): $325.

Diving: Dive 1: 32% O2; Simon lead (carried pony bottle). Dive 2: 21% O2; I lead (carried pony bottle); Terrible vis; Terrible SMB deployment; Eithne and Rob went missing.

Equipment: Steel tank. 18 lb weight. Hood.

Accumulated time underwater: 3 days, 5 hours and 58 minutes

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