Dive #4: Bird Rock, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Place:Bird Rock Buddy:Will Fyans
Weather:Sunny Type:Boat (Mariana)
Max. depth (m):16.5 Visibility (m):10
Time down:14:30 Dive time (mins):20
Average depth (m):0.0 Water temp. (C):0.0

Equipment: Same as Dive #3, 31 lb weight this time.

Notes: Second assessment dive: Fin pivot (neutral buoyancy), mask replacement, partial and full mask clearing, inversion recovery, alternate air source use and provision, second stage retrieval and clearing.

Saw these anemones looking like little white hairs which retract into the sand when touched. [log book calls them ‘reids’ a name that I must have picked up from someone, but I can find no reference to them on the web]

Accumulated time under water: 1 hr 29 mins

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