Dive #103, #104: Gordon’s Bay, Sydney

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Place:Gordon's BayGordon's Bay Buddy:SimonSimon, Ciara
Weather:Dull, rainy Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):14.013.4 Visibility (m):99
Time down:09:3612:31 Dive time (mins):5854
Average depth (m):8.27.9 Water temp. (C):22.022.0

Notes: Ciara and Fiona decided to do a nice and easy shore dive in preparation for the Valiant next week. They recruited a few others for a guided shore dive of Gordon’s Bay with Pro-dive Coogee. Simon and I decided to go by ourselves at the same time because it cost less.

Price: Pro-dive Coogee charged $19 for each tank.

Diving: The diving was surprisingly good. There was lots to see and we saw lots; Simon’s a pretty good spotter. An incomplete list might include a Moray eel, lots of little shrimps, rays, a Port Jackson shark and blue groupers. I favoured a carefree plunge so I didn’t bring a camera. We spent some time pestering an octopus and found its stash of toys under a rock. There was an orange golf ball and various bits of plastic and detritus. Elsewhere, I found a canvas shoe and a cheap beaded bracelet, recovering the latter for Eithne who was at a wedding. There was a fair amount of rubbish down there, not enough to mar the dive to any great extent, but it might inspire one to join in on one of those cleanup days at some point.

Equipment: Rented tank. 18 lb weight.

Camera notes: No camera.

Accumulated time underwater: 2 days, 20 hours and 30 minutes

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