Dive #93, #94: Blue Fish Point and Flagstaff, Sydney

 Dive 1Dive 2  Dive 1Dive 2
Place:Blue Fish PointFlagstaff Buddy:Eithne
Weather:Fine Type:Boat (Sea Life V)
Max. depth (m):22.220.7 Visibility (m):55
Time down:14:1316:03 Dive time (mins):3235
Average depth (m):16.413.7 Water temp. (C):17.017.0

Notes: First of a 10-pack of double dives with Pro-Dive shared between myself and Eithne. Paid for on special last February, so even better value now that they’ve put up their prices.

Price: $879.20 for 10 double boat dives = $87.92 pp for the double dive. Ian, on holidays and with no package, had to pay the full $199 for a double dive with gear.

Diving: I thought I wouldn’t be able to do the dive after the previous night’s festivities but just as I stepped onto the boat, the Neurofen, Travelcalm and Eno all seemed to kick in and I was suddenly well. We had a nice but cold first dive, seeing oodles of sizeable Port Jackson’s and a big ray. Ian was fine (if freezing) until after the surface interval bobbing around behind the boat, at which point the hangover the cold and the sea all seemed to catch up and the barfing was mighty. Still he washed the puke from his beard and went for the dive and saw some murk for his trouble, the soldier. Nothing seemed to bother Eithne despite having been just as enthusiastic the previous night.

Pro-dive were their usual selves more or less. One comical guide/instructor managed to go well into deco on the second dive and required an extra tank brought down to him while we all sat on the boat and shivered for an extra 18 minutes. The captain was none too happy. There were unusually splendiferous surface interval snacks with soup and sausage rolls, pies and deep fried money bags. I hope they keep it up.

Equipment: Rented tank, Own everything else. 18 lb weights was too little. Should have looked back over logs.

Accumulated time underwater: 2 days, 12 hours and 43 minutes

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