Dive #78: The Swimming Pool of the S.S. President Coolidge, Vanuatu

Place:SS President Coolidge (Swimming Pool) Buddy:Eithne
Weather:Lovely Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):60.3 Visibility (m):20
Time down:09:25 Dive time (mins):61
Average depth (m):18.6 Water temp. (C):25.0

Notes: This was our last dive on the Coolidge and in Vanuatu. The aim was to have a look a the swimming pool which is towards the stern of the ship (the deeper part) and a few other things on the way back. After a long surface swim we descended almost directly to 55 m or thereabouts, hovering above a large gun turret which had fallen to the seabed. Gary and I quickly reached down to register 60 m on the computers before following Eithne and Alfred to the swimming pool. The mosaiced tiles were still in tact and clearly visible. Above the pool was a soda fountain with glass coke bottles lying nearby. We then made our way back to the bow (this part included some penetration, but I don’t remember what we saw) for a quick group photo and then on to the deco stop where we played waterproof Uno to pass the time (23 mins). Gary needed to use Alfred’s pony bottle towards the end and I used the drop bottle at the deco stop. Might have been able to do without, but it wasn’t necessary. After the dive we went back again to Allan Power’s house for some book and t-shirt buying and a few more photos.

Equipment: As previous dive.

Accumulated time underwater: 2 days, 2 hours and 53 minutes

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