Dive #76: The Engine Room of the S.S. President Coolidge, Vanuatu

Place:SS President Coolidge (Engine Room) Buddy:Eithne
Weather:Beautiful Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):46.0 Visibility (m):20
Time down:09:26 Dive time (mins):54
Average depth (m):19.2 Water temp. (C):25.0

Notes: There was a surface swim of 100 m or so to begin, then a fairly direct descent to the engine room, easily accessed through holes in the hull from some salvage operation. At 40 m, the daylight was sufficient to see huge mechanical components, covered in fur. Through a narrow gap then into the confined control room (46 m), where valves, controls and glass-covered gauges were clearly visible. We took a scenic route out, through passages and past a sign for the dining saloon and a room containing a thickly encrusted rifle on a bench. There were more narrow gaps to navigate and while queuing for these I tried to relax completely to use less air. Back to the coral garden then for some fairly long deco, photographing fish not willing to pose.

Equipment: As previous dive.

Accumulated time underwater: 2 days, 1 hour and 17 minutes

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