Dive #20: Flagstaff, Sydney, Australia.

Place:Flagstaff Buddy:Eithne
Weather: Type:Boat (Sea Life V)
Max. depth (m):14.6 Visibility (m):5
Time down:16:42 Dive time (mins):32
Average depth (m):10.9 Water temp. (C):20.0

Equipment: As #19.

Notes: Advanced PADI course, dive 5/5, “Underwater Naturalist”. Had to spot 5 vertebrates, 5 invertebrates and 2 plants. Average water temperature was 20 degrees celsius. Average depth was 10.9 m. I was very ill with sea sickness for this dive. I only went in because it was the last dive to get the Advanced PADI certificate and it would have been great hassle to repeat it at a later date. I had a headache throughout, even under water.

Accumulated time under water: 9 hrs 21 mins

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