Dive #17: Flagstaff, Sydney, Australia.

Place:Flagstaff Buddy:Eithne
Weather: Type:Boat (Sea Life V)
Max. depth (m):8.2 Visibility (m):7
Time down:15:53 Dive time (mins):46
Average depth (m):6.7 Water temp. (C):21.0

Equipment: Same as dive #16.

Notes: Advanced PADI dive #2- “Underwater Navigation”. Did reciprocal line with (i) compass and (ii) natural features. Swam in a square by counting fins strokes and using compass. It took 40 seconds and 17 fin cycles to do 30 metres. Average depth was 6.7 m. Water temperature was 21 degrees celsius. Saw lots of sting rays.

Accumulated time under water: 7 hrs 45 mins

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