Dive #184, 185: San Juan Islands, WA

 Dive 1Dive 2  Dive 1Dive 2
Place:Towhead IslandCone Island Buddy:Klaasjan, KathrynDoug
Weather: Type:Boat (Ocean Quest)
Max. depth (m):21.025.9 Visibility (m):00
Time down:10:1712:54 Dive time (mins):4848
Average depth (m):12.516.4 Water temp. (C):12.812.0

Notes: Spent a Saturday on the Ocean Quest boat doing 2 dives around the San Juan Islands. The weather was not great so we kept to fairly sheltered sites at Towhead Island and Cone Island. Doug was scootering for the first dive so I went with Klaasjan and Kathryn. On the second dive we descended a bit far from the wall and found ourselves sitting in blue water at about 60 ft. Not having taken a bearing, we swam for a bit using our sense of direction, then started to see fish so we knew we were going the right direction, and then the wall appeared. Very impressive. Really wonderful dive with lots of color and life and great visibility below about 40 or 50 feet.

Equipment: As previous.

Accumulated time underwater: 5 days, 5 hours and 53 minutes.

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