Dive #181: Cove 2, West Seattle, WA

Place:Cove 2 Buddy:Doug
Weather:Fine Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):31.4 Visibility (m):10
Time down:09:19 Dive time (mins):51
Average depth (m):17.1 Water temp. (C):13.4

Notes: Earlyish dive on a Sunday to do some skills: S-drills; shot a bag; did a decent enough, but slow, ascent. Found the monolith too, and also a metal cross that looked like it was marking something.

Equipment: All own stuff as previously. The battery cap of my Liquivision Xen, came apart as I took the unit out of the tub where I was rinsing it. Also during washing, some fresh water got inside one of my first stages. No idea how as I did not submerge it. Anyway, some things to attend to there.

Accumulated time underwater: 5 days, 2 hours and 48 minutes.

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