Dive #175: Redondo Beach, WA

Place:Redondo Beach Buddy:Doug
Weather:Fine Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):23.8 Visibility (m):10
Time down:12:00 Dive time (mins):51
Average depth (m):12.5 Water temp. (C):13.0

Notes: Leisurely dive at Redondo Beach with Doug, Andrea P and a buddy of hers. After dive, went to shallows for back for some attempted valve drills and then a bit deeper for an SMB ascent. I couldn’t get to my valves at all. Next for me: GUE EDGE practise and also practise getting to valves.

Equipment: First dive with my new double Faber HP-100s, Light Monkey bands and manifold. I’ve gotten rid of the Miflex hoses too, in favour of rubber ones. 24-inch short hose is a bit too short with the hose routing that is necessary due to port placement on Apeks XTX-200s. Weight: 10-lb v-weight (that’s with usual BZ-400x undergarments).

Accumulated time underwater: 4 days, 22 hours and 33 minutes.

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