Dive #171, 172: Sund Rock, Hood Canal, WA

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Place:Sund RockSund Rock Buddy:Doug
Weather:Fine Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):30.121.3 Visibility (m):75
Time down:10:0412:22 Dive time (mins):4443
Average depth (m):15.214.0 Water temp. (C):10.010.0

Notes: Two dives at Sund Rock. The fist on the South wall and the second on the North wall (see also: this dive). Very nice diving. Saw a very big Wolf Eel and lots of fish. Vis very bad at shallower depths. Buoyancy continues to improve: using wing more at depth and the suit then provides almost automatic buoyancy control at shallower depths.

Equipment: Doug’s spare doubles. Weight: backplate + doubles with 8-lb v-weight (or 10-lb?, not sure). Used my 40-lb Halcyon wing. Had removed remaining weight pocket from Halcyon harness and replaced with D-ring. With no weight belt and no torch cannister, I now have nothing to hook long hose under on RHS. Tucked into harness instead, but this isn’t very satisfactory. Used thicker, 7mm, Scubapro gloves and hands were a bit better than previous dives. Still need to lengthen bungee for necklace and use longer short hose. Dive comp battery dead. Need to move to spare and get new spare.

Accumulated time underwater: 4 days, 20 hours and 2 minutes.

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