Dive #164: Sund Rock, Hoodsport, WA

Place:Sund Rock Buddy:Doug, Archis
Weather:Cloudy but bright Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):27.7 Visibility (m):8
Time down:12:28 Dive time (mins):43
Average depth (m):14.6 Water temp. (C):11.0

Notes: Really nice dive site in Hood Canal (about 1 hr 40 mins from West Seattle), the main features of which are two walls, one to the north and another to the south. There’s a description here. Had to buy tickets ($16 pp + tax) from Hood Sport’n’Dive. This allowed us to park down at the dive site (the waterfront is privately owned).

We descended on a line and made our way to the South Wall and worked our way up to a plateau at about 20 ft (I’ve gone native and changed my gauge to Imperial units) from where Archis deployed an SMB and we ascended. We saw plenty of fish, big ones and large shoals of small ones, as well as a Wolf Eel and a good-sized Lion’s Mane Jellyfish. We dove the GUE standard 32% Nitrox. (I’m beginning to appreciate how much this simplifies things: It allows use of the 130 rule which states that with 32% oxygen, min-deco as achieved by maintaining the sum of the average depth in feet and the dive time in minutes at less than 130.)

This was dive #14 in dry suit. My buoyancy control was much improved. I think that on previous dives, buoyancy was worse because I focussed too much on the suit and forgot about the wing a bit (I realized today that when the suit feels tight with no detectable bubbles, the wing must be the source of buoyancy). I maintained careful awareness of depth and as we ascended the wall. I deliberately ascended in jumps of 5 ft or less and got nicely settled at each new depth before continuing. This worked quite well. I tried to maintain awareness of where in the suit it felt like there was air. When it was in the feet, I broke trim and straightened out, angling up so that it moved and I could dump it effectively.

Equipment: Kit in configuration established during the fundies course. I had to wear a weight belt because one of my BC pockets is away for repair (clip cracked). Had thicker 5-mm gloves which were much better in the cold water (clipping and unclipping was fine with them on). I used a single LP 104 tank. Pressure was 2900 PSI at the beginning of the dive.

Accumulated time underwater: 4 days, 14 hours and 11 minutes.

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