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Dive #166: Cove 2, West Seattle

Place:Cove 2 Buddy:Bob, Serge
Weather:Cool, clear Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):16.2 Visibility (m):8
Time down:18:50 Dive time (mins):39
Average depth (m):10.4 Water temp. (C):13.0

Notes: First time joining the Seattle GUE crowd for the midweek ‘tweak’ dive at Cove 2. Unlucky with parking so I had a long walk in full gear. In the water then. Beady little glowing eyes of prawn, prawn, prawn, prawn, prawn, crab, prawn, prawn, prawn, crab, prawn, prawn. Octopus. Half a fish sticking vertically out of the seabed being molested by another fish. Many little fish. Bob had a red light. The vis was good. Bit of progress on the back kick and drysuit familiarity. Still digging the Xen. All very pleasant. Food at Matador after.

Equipment: As previous dive. LP-104.

Accumulated time underwater: 4 days, 15 hours and 40 minutes.

14-Nov-2015 11:56, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, 2.2, 4.15mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 100