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Dive #143: Chowder Bay (yet again!)

Place:Chowder Bay Buddy:
Weather:Sunny Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):16.1 Visibility (m):5
Time down:09:59 Dive time (mins):50
Average depth (m):10.3 Water temp. (C):20.0

Notes: Took four Plunge customers on a guided shore dive. All went well, though my compass stopped working. Worked ok again later. Strange. New compass bungee was effective. Torch was essential in bad vis. Took care to go very slowly. Scuba Logger reports that this is my 29th dive in Chowder Bay / Clifton Gardens. Still, it’s fun showing people around.

Accumulated time underwater: 3 days, 23 hours and 41 minutes.

DM Assessments

Did most of the outstanding DM assessments over the weekend: 400-m swim, 800-m snorkel (again), 15-minute float, 20 skills. Some things that made it easier: used jacket-style BCD throughout as you basically have to for gear removal and replacement, etc. Wore 6-lb on belt and 12-lb in BCD. This made the weight belt removal and replacement easy enough and the scuba unit removal and replacement ok too. I had a weight belt with individual pockets. This makes the weight belt removal and replacement easier, because the weights cannot slip off. Eithne had a standard weight belt and she made her life easier by using 2.1-inch belt slides on either end to keep the weights in place. We had perfected the budda-style hover (though it’s not required, strictly speaking; any orientation will do) and this was made easier by using lighter, aluminium cylinders (we had practised with 10.5-l steel cylinders and they were fine too, though we had previously had problems with 12.2-l steel ones).

So we’ve only the Rescue workshop and a few other bits and pieces (EFR course, for example) to go. All we have to do is find a day.