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Dive #95, #96: Long Reef and Bluefish Point, Sydney

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Place:Long ReefBluefish Point Buddy:Eithne
Weather:Fine Type:Boat (Sea Life V)
Max. depth (m):17.019.5 Visibility (m):1010
Time down:09:4011:26 Dive time (mins):4341
Average depth (m):12.514.0 Water temp. (C):21.020.0

Notes: Second of a 10-pack of double dives with Pro-Dive shared between myself and Eithne.

Price: See dives #93, #94.

Diving: We started the day well, making it out of bed in time for a bowl of cereal and even some coffee on the way to Rose Bay. The boat arrived at 8.30. There were about 16 divers on board, excluding staff, and most had their own gear. This was unusual; there was a time when pro-dive hosted mostly tourists and now we had an even split between locals and locally-based ex-pats. Happily, no news of bad conditions filtered back and we made the slightly bumpy trip to Long Reef.

There were to be six of us with one guide, Eric. He was one of these tall lanky guys with big hands and feet. On the boat he seemed to fold, rather than sit, and he had a fancy semi-dry. Eithne had a problem with her reg so she missed the first dive. It was fine, nice even, well-weighted and warm though the camera was a somewhat unwanted distraction. It’s new and I’m not used to it and even if I was, having had a hiatus, I’m not sure I still like seeing through the tunnel of a tiny screen. Overall, long Reef is a nice site—giant shoals of fish and lots besides—but I’d rather have explored it camera-less and with a group of friends.

The second site was at Bluefish point. Eithne was there this time, reg replaced, for a somewhat cooler dive. She was understandably bored by the group moving slowly to accommodate copious photography. Eric liked to tantalise cuttlefish, waving his hand at them, and we seemed to spend the entire time trying to capture this activity from every conceivable angle.

Equipment: Rented tank. Own everything else. 24 lb weight (it would be good to have 6 lb weights that fit in my kidney pockets). The S95 worked ok—not that you’d know from the photos—on it’s first trip down with the strobe. I hadn’t bought the proper fitting to attach the optical fibre that triggers the strobe, so that was held in place by cable ties and blu-tac. Unfortunately the Canon housing doesn’t give access to the thumb ring on the back so in manual mode I couldn’t control the shutter speed.

Accumulated time underwater: 2 days, 14 hours and 7 minutes