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Dive #88, #89: Ex-HMAS Adelaide, Terrigal, New South Wales

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Place:ex-HMAS Adelaideex-HMAS Adelaide Buddy:Eithne
Weather:Fine Type:Boat
Max. depth (m):34.133.5 Visibility (m):1515
Time down:10:2712:51 Dive time (mins):2830
Average depth (m):21.019.5 Water temp. (C):16.017.0

Notes: Seven of us up to Terrigal for the weekend. Lovely 3-bedroom reasonable accommodation. A double dive with Terrigal Dive.

Pricing: I know this is a new dive destination, but considering the boat journey from shop to site is only about 10 minutes, the diving was pretty pricey. Double dive with “own gear” was $110 + $18 (marine park fee) + $28 (tank and weights). This was the first time I ever saw a dive centre quote the price of an “own gear” dive including air but not including a tank or weights. Also, for those in the group without torches, the shop had none to rent but only small ones to buy for $25. When the dive requires torches, I think having none to rent is a bit cynical.

Diving: The diving was deeper than I had expected (due to a lack of research). The sand is at about 38 m. The wreck is decorated by much growth already and it promises to be a lovely artificial reef when more fish find out about it. We had much debate before the trip about whether we, without wreck certifications, would be permitted to go inside (much humour regarding the tendency of certain dive shops to be anal about penetration. Ahaha ). We Coolidge veterans would have been indignant at being kept out. In the end, there was no mention of certification and deep penetration was positively encouraged. The wreck is set up pretty safely though, being quite bright, oriented completely upright with wide corridors throughout, and having huge holes regularly spaced along the hull. Not a narrow gap or jagged edge in sight. There is little sunken treasure: it is empty except for a few filing cabinets and electrical boxes left around here and there, though there are lots of engine parts to see.

Miriam had equalisation problems on the first descent (caused by her hood, apparently), so she and Fiona missed that one. On the second dive, G lost a fin (broken strap), so that added a bit of interest there too. I thought he should have taken off the other one, made himself negatively buoyant, and just walked along the deck and climbed to the ladders to the line leading to the surface buoy. It would have been a hoot.

Equipment: Rented tank, weights (18 lb). Own everything else: 2-piece 5mm wetsuit with new Pinnacle hooded vest. Everything else as normal.

Accumulated time underwater: 2 days, 9 hours and 29 minutes