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Dive #60: Chowder Bay, Sydney

Place:Chowder Bay Buddy:Gary
Weather:Overcast Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):15.2 Visibility (m):5
Time down:14:22 Dive time (mins):57
Average depth (m):10.3 Water temp. (C):21.0

Equipment: All own gear. Rented steel 12 l tank from Plunge. 24 lb weight. Still completely sold on integrated weights. All very comfortable today. Torch was handy at times in the bad vis.

Notes: Clarity: the giant chains are the key to flawless navigation in Chowder bay. Find them. Follow them. They lead to the yachts, the motorbike and their links harbour all the tiny life. Unknown then, why at the end of the dive I abruptly abandoned this realisation and motored north hoping to surface nicely back at the jetty. Found an upright pole but no, wrong jetty, the neighbouring navy jetty and an irate guard trotting down and shouting about $1500 fines. Fantastic time for Gary to get cramps in both legs. No sympathy pushing back his bloody fins under the guard’s gesticulations. Anyway, all bark and no fines, and it was all ok.

Accumulated time underwater: 1 day, 13 hours and 29 minutes