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Dive #55: Shelly Beach, Manly, Australia

Place:Shelly Beach Buddy:Eithne
Weather:Sunny Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):9.1 Visibility (m):10
Time down:11:13 Dive time (mins):67
Average depth (m):6.1 Water temp. (C):20.0

Equipment: All own gear, except for a tank (steel, 10 or 12 l) and 21 lb of weight, from Dive 2000.

Notes: Finally got a dive in with with Simon and Ciara. We went on a shore dive with the small but well-organised Dive 2000. It was semi-guided; we were briefed on site, but we mainly did our own thing in the water. There was a bit of disappointment, initially, with Shelly beach being the destination- Bare Island having been dangled before us for a brief moment- but the vote was rigged by the shop and the group ‘chose’ the closer and more convenient Shelly beach. Still, it was a shorter drive and a shorter walk in fiendish heat to the water, though even at that my face was dripping sweat long before it was submerged.

Another shallow one, dedicated to developing skills such as ‘looking under rocks’ and ‘lying motionless to attract curious fish’. Plenty to find and see. We had our own posse for a good part of the dive, a friendly Grouper and some kind of wrasse.

I broke the part of the camera housing, so the strobe could not be attached, and this is obvious from the pictures.

Accumulated time underwater: 1 day, 9 hours and 30 minutes