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Dive #50: Saxon Reef, Great Barrier Reef

Place:Saxon Reef Buddy:Deb
Weather:Fine, Sunny Type:Boat
Max. depth (m):18.9 Visibility (m):20
Time down:09:42 Dive time (mins):49
Average depth (m):9.4 Water temp. (C):24.0

Equipment: Rented gear.

Notes: A dive not really intended. Unlikely I know, given the location. It was a flying diversion to the tropics for some hardcore tourism, then the day trip to the reef included a dive at no extra cost. Unreasonable to refuse #50 on the GBR. Familiar multitudes of colour contrasting barren bleached patches of dead coral. Fucking forgotten O-ring grease precluded photographic evidence. Perhaps I should have asked the amiable crew.

Accumulated time underwater: 1 day, 5 hours and 46 minutes

Dive #49: Chowder Bay, Sydney

Place:Chowder Bay Buddy:John M
Weather:Sunny Type:Shore
Max. depth (m):16.1 Visibility (m):10
Time down:12:00 Dive time (mins):61
Average depth (m):8.5 Water temp. (C):16.0

Equipment: 24 lb. Steel 12.2 l tank.

Notes: Nice and long and leisurely at Chowder bay. A sandy silty bottom dotted with oases of activity around sunken yachts and boxes and a motorbike. Seahorses and Moray eels: lucky John has a keener eye than I. I tried to take some photos:

Accumulated time underwater: 1 day, 4 hours and 57 minutes

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

Now qualified to provide emergency oxygen to an injured diver, trained to assemble and dismantle the oxygen kit and do a basic check to see that it works. Not a huge amount to this course, and no diving at all, but the safety aspect makes it very worthwhile. It’s also one of the cheaper steps up the 5-specialty course ladder to the rather pointless PADI ‘Master Scuba Diver’ qualification.