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Dive #39: TSS Currajong, Sydney Harbour, Australia

Place:TSS Currajong Buddy:Herman (Pro Dive Guide)
Weather:Fine Type:Boat (Sea Life V)
Max. depth (m):23.1 Visibility (m):1
Time down:01:50 Dive time (mins):28
Average depth (m):0.0 Water temp. (C):0.0

Equipment: All my own gear except tank.

Notes: The TSS Currajong is a wreck in Sydney harbour which lies in the main incoming shipping channel for Sydney harbour. Pro Dive in Sydney seem to dive it regularly at night time, after the ferry services have stopped. Myself and Eithne booked ourselves on for the very early hours of January 4th, 2009. We were picked up at Rose bay, then the boat (Pro Dive’s Sea Live V) went to manly to pick up some more divers there, and then to the dive site.

Unfortunately, the bad visibility and a guide unprepared for bad visibility (nothing to distinguish him underwater, no contingency plans for regrouping, etc.) meant I saw very little of the TSS Currajong. I did enjoy the dive though- it was very nice underwater. Some clear jellyfish which reflected some beautiful colours in torchlight.

I also learnt a few things. (1) I need a backup torch, even in a group (mine was a bit dodgy, and turned itself off once or twice on the way down). In fact I need a primary torch now as well, as I lost mine (an Aqualung Lumen 6 – very cheap) sometime between surfacing and getting into the boat. It was held only on a crap lanyard, so I’ll blame that. Anyway, better and more numerous torches! (2) For night dives- some of those glow-sticks for easier identification of me and buddy. (3) A tank knocky thing to get people’s attention if necessary. (4) A whistle for my BCD- if I had needed to surface far from the boat, it would have been very useful in the dark.

Accumulated time under water: 22 hrs 54 mins